Saturday, December 19, 2009

Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

1. Develop healthy eating habits all year long. This is the first step toward healthy eating habits during the holidays.

2. Don't try to lose weight during the holidays. Rather, maintain your current weight. Don't set yourself up for failure by making unrealistic goals.

3. Stay physically active. Exercise helps relieve holiday stress, curve appetite, and burn off extra calories.

4. Don't go to parties hungry. Eat a snack like raw vegetables or a piece of fruit to help curve your appetite.

5. Watch your food portions. Opt for smaller portions. This way you can sample all the different foods. Moderation is the key.

6. Limit high fat foods such as fried foods, cheese filled casseroles, and pastries.

7. If you overeat at one meal go light on the next.

8. Drink plenty of water. Alcohol and coffee can dehydrate your body.

9. If you have a medical condition such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., stick to foods that you are allowed to eat. You don't want to start your new year in a health crises situattion.

10. Don't drink and drive!